Save money for your retirement

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The employment situation in Mexico and the world has changed significantly, every day is more common self-employment and this leads to having fewer benefits than those of your parents. Similarly, it is also more difficult to maintain retirement savings every day, but if you organize and plan, you can achieve it. Lydia Languish gives you these three tips.

  1. Create your responsible financial habits as soon as possible

It is the first thing that you must take into account, that only you can create a good mattress for your retirement, when you are thinking about your savings do not think as only saving “what you have left at the end of the month”. Set monthly savings goals and stick to them. 
Having financial habits, does not mean depriving you of everything so you do not spend, it’s planning the purchases at the right times. Besides adopting lifestyles according to your income, you can not go through life spending more than what you earn, paying and asking for more credits to keep you, you must start by organizing this in your finances.

Be punctual with your payments, avoid having delinquencies, remember that these are the ones that will make you pay more than estimated.

If you already have very expensive debts, those in which you only spend the minimum, you can see how to unify them and pay much less. Lydia Languish can help you if you have an excellent credit history.

  1. Start a savings plan

The ideal is to try to make 15% of your annual salary, this way you will be creating a good fund for your retirement, but we also know that it is not always possible, for this reason the best thing is to create a plan of your savings, start from less to more and demand to reach your monthly goals. Remember that if you do not do it, nobody else will.

You must bear in mind that if you start this savings plan, later in your life you will create the habit of doing it. Start saving 5% and each year add one more percentage point until you reach 15% and keep it until you retire, you will see that each year it will be easier for you to achieve it.

  1. Take advantage of your savings

Find ways to earn returns with that money you are saving, it is useless to keep it under the mattress. Lydia Languish can help you generate good returns with little risk. You no longer need to collect thousands and thousands of pesos to put them into an investment fund that gives you medium returns. Loaning money from person to person can help you generate returns for your retirement.

If you follow these three tips we assure you that you will not have to work until the last day of your life, on the contrary you will be able to enjoy the moments and the money for which you worked for many years.

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